Industry Relations

ORIC @ GIK is a place where theory and practice get together to explore that how we convert what we teach through research in the class room and laboratories into useful resources and practical solutions for the industry. Through our outreach activities, organizations, managers and professionals can utilize our researchers’ expertise and facilities to improve their businesses.

Training and education:
ORIC @ GIK aiming to help managers, workers, and policy makers tackle with issues that arise in the real workplace environment. GIK Institute faculty, professors and researchers are very dedicated to overcome the technical issues by providing cutting-edge training, education, and consulting services that are grounded in real-world knowledge and experience.

Consulting & Customized Services:
Every industry is unique and every organization has its own set of challenges. GIK Institute faculty members work with employers and organizations to design the programs and service that suit each business needs. Having modern research facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories and best human resources, we offer customized training, consulting, and technical assistance for industry-specific needs.

By bridging research and application, GIK Institute researchers identify new technology trends in your industry and remain cognizant to emerging ideas and issues. The faculty's analytic and applied research capabilities enable customized development of best solutions and services that provide the guidance, education, information, and skills, your organization needs to adapt with ongoing developments.

GIK Institute understands the value of partnerships and always looks ahead to form relationships with regional, national, and international organizations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Sharing expertise and resources in a formal manner, GIK Institute encourages affiliations with other organizations to enlarge the world of knowledge and opportunities for our faculty and students, technical staff and management from industry, and other stakeholders.

Partnerships also extend GIK Institute outward reach by making available our intellectual research facilities and tangible assets to the industry. At the same time, GIK Institute highly qualified faculty can assist your management in finding and implementing creative and technological solutions to the challenges that arise in your organization.

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