Internet Bandwidth Enhanced Across GIK

With the current Internet access available across the campus in Faculties, undergraduate and post graduate Hostels including several outdoor Wi-Fi bullet routers stretching over vast open campus area, the GIK Internet is now set to a new enhanced bandwidth of 233Mpbs. The purpose of this high speed Internet access is to provide communication infrastructure to the students and faculty members to meet their networking, education and research requirements. The network has evolved significantly and is providing valuable services, like high-speed Internet and intranet, audio/video conferencing, and access to digital library resources. The enhancement is a result of increase in PERN (Pakistan Education Research Network) bandwidth from 96Mpbs to 120Mpbs. This bandwidth is in addition to the 70Mbps PTCL bandwidth and 43Mbps DSL bandwidth already available to faculty and students. The increased bandwidth can be accessed by students at any one of the below Proxy Settings:   1) 60Mbps Bandwidth Proxy Server: Port: 8080   2) 64 Mbps Bandwidth Proxy Server: Port: 8080



Date: 23rd January, 2017