Workshop “Foundation of Success” at FES

A two-day workshop on “Foundation of Success” was conducted on December 09th and 10th, 2016. The resource person of the workshop was Dr. Gazan Bozai (CEO, SSDII USA). The aim of the workshop was to bring awareness in the participants about how to be successful in life. The workshop was organized by Dean FES, Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi. Ms. Sumaira Siddique and Engr. Bilal Ahmad assisted.

The work shop was arranged in the conference room of Faculty of Engineering Sciences. The response from students to participate was overwhelming but due to space consideration, only 19 students (graduate and undergraduate) were selected. The students were selected from all faculties.

Dr. Bozai thoroughly explained the purpose and importance of the workshop as this sort of workshops are usually not conducted in engineering institutes. Dr. Bozai organized different set of activities on the first day like online self-assessment and video sessions. On the second day Dr. Bozai discussed the self-assessment reports with students as well as discussed with participants their mission statements and how to bring about the best out of themselves and workout on their weaknesses.

The student’s response was quite excellent after attending this workshop.  The summary of evaluation about the workshop is attached with this report.

To sum it all the student response was quite overwhelming and impressive about the workshop as one student wrote “An eye opener for me. I am able to analyze and improve myself.” Another student wrote “It is a good workshop and I think it should be arranged at a large scale so more students may benefit from it”. Also the students were thankful to Prof. Dr. Jameel-un-Nabi and Faculty of Engineering Sciences for arranging such a productive activity.


Date: 22nd December, 2016