GIKI wins Apportunity '14

The Apportunity 2014 competition officially announced by djuice, called for the developers of all ages and from all platforms to develop apps that targeted select categories, and win big if their apps were shortlisted as the best among the lot.

Microsoft was the major partner for the competition this year hence the offers up for grabs came from Nokia, like Lumia-series Smartphone, and Microsoft itself. Developers were to demonstrate their apps for any of the major mobile platforms like Symbian, Android, iOS, in addition to Windows Phone.

This year, the Grand Prize Winner of Apportunity is a team from GIKI. Led by Sherjeel Sikander and co-developed by Junaid Imtiaz (ES), Sameed Tariq (CSE) and Immad Imtiaz (CSW), Team Amplifiers used mobile technology to revolutionize the lives of those with hearing impairments. Their Project AMP not only made it to the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals but also nailed the Trophy in Apportunity ’14.

Date: 25th October, 2014