GIK students participate in World Festival Of Youth and Students in Russia and meet Russian President.

(From the left): GIK student Rayyan Zahid seated next to Vladmir Putin, the President of Russia

Created: 15th October 2017

Edited: 15th October 2017

GIK students participate in World Festival Of Youth and Students in Russia

Three final-year students of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology participated in the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students 2017, held from 14th to 22nd October at Sochi, Russia. The students were: Rayyan Zahid and Shifa Ahmad of Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Shanza Hameed of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. They were part of 60 members’ delegation, called Prime Minister’s Youth Program which was led by a former student of GIK Institute, Danyal Hayat. The students were shortlisted from 2300 applicants from all over the country. The World Festival of Youth and Students greeted 25,000 students and young professionals from 188 countries with 5000 UN trained volunteers, making the festival one of the largest youth gatherings in the last one decade. In the festival, the focus was progressive outlook about human life where the workshops, sessions, projects and exhibitions revolved around science, technology, medicine, sports, music, culture, architecture, politics, medicine, sociology and numerous others. The two female students of GIK contributed to the sessions conducted by renowned expert Mr. Nick Vujicic and Director General of Rosatom Mr. Alexey Likhachov. They also attended exhibitions where they had an opportunity to learn about next generation robots, nuclear energy advancements, advance drone technologies, etc. Among the GIK Institute students, Rayyan Zahid was also selected for the regional program. He visited Yekaterinburg city and was involved in a project for Foresight Labs and Rosatom at Sochi, where he got an opportunity to meet with the Russian President, Mr Vladimir Putin. GIK Institute Rector, Engr. Jehangir Bashar said that the Institute extends complete support to the students to realize their true potential. The students said that the participation in the festival was a life changing experience.