Important Dates

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New Start-Ups

1- WPC2

Creating a sustainable world is one of the great challenges in our time. World's resources are diminishing drastically and people are still not realizing such a damaging situation. Pakistan is facing serious energy short fall of up to 6000MW, yet people are wasting energy and spending a lot of money on that energy wastage.

We; through or product; WPC2, are offering efficient measurement, monitoring and control of energy through the smart plug and play solutions. The device reduces energy consumption by 25%. The use of the product is also paramount in the automation industry.

2-Dasti Sawari

Dasti Sawari Is working on an innovative idea of providing transport throughout Pakistan.

The mission of this service is to provide the quickest and most secure transport service to customers.differentiation from other services available is that:

  • Benefits drivers and customers alike.
  • Secure
  • Can be used by a simple text message

Dasti Sawari will work in these six domains:

  1. Terminal Seat Reservation
  2. Share Your Ride
  3. University Transport
  4. Hire Your Taxi
  5. Rent a Car
  6. Event Transport

All of these services can be availed by simple text message. An app can also be used for this purpose. An app for initial launch has been developed which is responding perfectly to the people sending text messages.

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