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Faculty of Electrical Engineering

A student majoring in Electronic Engineering must complete the following courses

(A) General Education Requirements (52 Credit Hours)

Computing CS101, CS101L, CS102L 4
Mathematics MT101, MT102, MT201 9
Sciences PH101, PH102, PH101L, PH102L 8
Basic Engineering Courses MM101, MM102, MM141, ME101, ME102, ME291, ME231/MM211/ES331 16
English HM101, HM102 6
Humanities Courses HM211, HM321, HM322 9

(B) Core Requirements (50 Credit Hours)

Circuit Analysis I & II EE211, EE212 6
Electronics I & II EE231, EE332 6
Logic Design EE221 3
Microprocessor Interfacing EE323 3
Electric Machines EE313 3
Control Systems EE341 3
Signals & Systems EE351 3
Probability and Random variables EE251 3
Electro-magnetics Fields and Waves EE371 3
Power Electronics EE434 3
Design Project EE/PE481, EE/PE482 6
Circuit Analysis I Lab EE211L 1
Electronics I & II Labs EE231L, EE332L 2
Logic Design Lab EE221L 1
Microprocessor Interfacing Lab EE323L 1
Electric Machines Lab EE313L 1
Control Systems Lab EE341L 1
Signals & Systems Lab EE351L 1

(C) Specialization Requirement

Electronic Engineering (19 CH)

Computer Architecture EE222 3
Computer Architecture Lab EE222L 1
Solid State Electronics EE333 3
Communication Systems EE361 3
Communication Systems Lab EE361L 1
Digital Signal Processing EE452 3
Wave Propagation and Antennas (WPA) EE472 3
Wave Propagation and Antennas Lab EE472L 1
Digital Signal Processing Lab EE452L 1
Power Electronics EE452L 1

Power Engineering (19 CH)

Electrical Instruments and Measurements PE213 3
Electrical Instruments and Measurements Lab PE213L 1
Power Generation and Transmission PE341 3
Power Distribution and Utilization PE342 3
Power Distribution and Utilization Lab PE342L 1
Digital Signal Processing PE451 3
Power System Analysis and Design PE451L 1
Power System Analysis and Design Lab EE472L 1
Power System Protection PE452 3
Power Electronics Lab EE434L 1



(D) Electives (15 credit hours)

Management Electives

Management Electives ME49x 6

(i) Electronic Engineering

EE/PE/CS/ES Tech. Electives EE/PE/CS/ES4xx 9

List of Technical Electives

Introduction to ASIC Design EE424 3
Digital Integrated Circuit Design EE425 3
Introduction to Robotics EE442 3
Industrial Process Control EE443 3
Digital Control Systems EE444 3
Communication System Design and Performance Analysis EE461 3
Computer Communication Networks EE462/CS313 3
Cellular Mobile Communication Systems EE463 3
Digital Image Processing EE464/CS318 3
Satellite Communication Systems EE465 3
Introduction to Wavelets EE466 3
Microwave Engineering EE474 3

Power Engineering

Area Electives PE4xx 6
PE/EE/CS/ES Tech. Elective PE/EE/CS/ES4xx 3

List of Area Electives

Electrical Machine Design and Equip. Training PE414 3
Electrical Machine Drives and Control PE415 3
Advanced Electrical Machines PE416 3
Industrial Electronics PE433 3
Electrical Estimation Installation and Planning PE443 3
Renewable Electrical Energy Systems PE444 3
Power Plant Engineering /ME471 Power Plants PE445 3
Electrical Insulation Materials PE446 3
Power Economics and Managemen PE447 3
High Voltage Engineering PE448 3
Power System Operation and Control PE453 3




(E) Summer Training (Pass/Fail grade; NIL credits):


Every student is required to participate in a summer training program during the summer following their junior/3rd Year. A formal written report is required at the end of the internship period.

(F) Total Credit Requirements:

A student is required to complete 136 credit hours for the Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.